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Re: PM 7500 won't install s/w

> > directory looking for these files (using a 'find' subprocess) you'd have
> > to hack dkpg to omit directories named .resource or .finderinfo.
> > When I tried that a couple of years ago I gave up due to generic
> > dpkg build problems. Should not be too difficult with recent dpkg
> > actually.
> ok, thanx. um, how would u hack dpkg? it's my 4th day on debian. i'm used to

apt-get source dpkg, unpack using dpkg-source -x dpkg_some.ver.dsc, cd
dpkg-some_ver, edit whatever file the find command is in,
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -uc. Correct compile errors. Repeat until
package has been generated.


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