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Re: Beige G3 won't boot

On Wed, 2002-02-13 at 10:48, Bertram Bourdrez wrote:
> I have some problems booting my beige G3. It currently runs MacOS 9, which
> fails to recognise the RealTek 8139 I've put into it (I can't use the
> onboard NIC as my hub only understands 100 Mbit). So I tried booting off a
> floppy, and failed miserably. Sometimes the boot process just ignores the
> floppy, at other times it ejects it. Using OpenFirmware to boot the floppy
> results in similar failures. Anyone any idea how to get a network-less G3
> running?

IIRC you wont be able to boot from floppy, or CD. This is the price we
Beige G3 users pay for having old hardware :/ As another respondant
mentioned, you will need to use BootX. You install this off the Debian
CD into MacOS then use it to boot off the CD and you can begin your
Debian installation.

Unless you want to do some messy hacking, I recommend keeping MacOS,
preferrably on  a seperate disk or on a partition >= 100M and using
BootX to load Debian on boot.




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