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Re: mpg321

At 8:41 PM -0600 2/12/02, Paul F. Pearson wrote:
I'm on a PowerMac 7500 w/G3 card. When I try to play a sound with mpg321,
I get the following message:
  "Error opening libao oss driver. (Is device in use?)"

What might be using the device? I do have the esound demon installed (for
some reason, I'm thinking I need that for something). I don't use a
desktop environment - I log in, then do 'startx' which brings up twm. I
can play CD's fine with 'xplaycd.'

Well, if you do have esd running, it will open the audio device. However you can make mpg321 talk though it by running it this way:

mpg321 -o esd myfile.mp3
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