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Re: evolution imap trouble with mac.com account?

OK. I am using Evolution with a mac.com address, so perhaps I can help.
I did not create any extra folders outside of Inbox, so perhaps that is
it. I have not had any problems setting it up, just pluging in the
obvious choices in the Evolution settings worked fine for me.

I haven't had a problem with email from mac.com on the Linux side. The
problem is that when I try to to go the mac.com web site and login, it
complains that I need an Apple computer to do that. I am using an Apple
computer, just with Linux instead of Mac OS. So they will not let you
use Linux on the mac.com  site, one is forced to boot into a mac os for

How do you have your Mail Settings in Evolution? In Receiving Mail I
have IMAP Host: mail.mac.com  Username: gnu_ibook_2

mac.com (from the mac side) will let you set-up multiple accounts, I
have 3 mac.com email addresses, go ahead and setup and test a few more
and then desert them.

On Sun, 2002-02-10 at 21:52, Laurent de Segur wrote:
> Hi,
> I should probably subscribe to one more mailing list, maybe the evolution
> one, to get that problem reported, but I've noticed some folks on this list
> with a mac.com address and can't resist to ask :
> I am trying to stay away from Mozilla mailer and get evolution to download
> from my IMAP account on the mac.com mail server but it stubbornly refuses to
> do so. I've set up other IMAP accounts with the same version of evolution
> and they work okay. Only mac.com is nay.
> After looking all over, I've heard that the correct way to set up an IMAP
> directory server side is creating new folders in the INBOX itself (INBOX
> kept at top level.) Visibly mac.com lets you create folders outside the
> INBOX which I did. Could that be the problem? Before I go and register a new
> account just to find out, I was hoping that someone could give me a clue
> about this weird problem.
> Thanks in advance.
> LdS
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