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evolution imap trouble with mac.com account?


I should probably subscribe to one more mailing list, maybe the evolution
one, to get that problem reported, but I've noticed some folks on this list
with a mac.com address and can't resist to ask :

I am trying to stay away from Mozilla mailer and get evolution to download
from my IMAP account on the mac.com mail server but it stubbornly refuses to
do so. I've set up other IMAP accounts with the same version of evolution
and they work okay. Only mac.com is nay.

After looking all over, I've heard that the correct way to set up an IMAP
directory server side is creating new folders in the INBOX itself (INBOX
kept at top level.) Visibly mac.com lets you create folders outside the
INBOX which I did. Could that be the problem? Before I go and register a new
account just to find out, I was hoping that someone could give me a clue
about this weird problem.

Thanks in advance.


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