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Re: Java for PPC on debian ...

on 2/10/02 2:00 PM, Jan-Hendrik Palic at jan.palic@linux-debian.de wrote:

> Hi ... 
> about several months ago, there were some java debs in incoming, but
> they were rejected.
> But now, they aren't there.
> Where can I find the debs?
> Best Regards
> Jan

That's right. A while ago, there were some efforts trying to package the jdk
into deb files for a debian savvy installation and all the benefits
associated with such a release.

However, due to major compatibility issues with the mozilla plugin api at
that time, this work was pushed back to a later time (this is at least the
impression I got.) Mozilla apis have had the nasty habit of breaking plugin
code from one release to another which would have been a real pain as debian
offers multiple releases of mozilla according to the release you are

As it appears that the mozilla plugin api were frozen in the latest public
release (of course no guarantee before 1.0), now is the the perfect time to
resume this work, I suppose.

I've packaged and tested the latest upgrade for ppc (1.3.1_02b) on the
blackdown server. The release is not official yet (any time now), but if the
debian maintainer wants to contact me and work on this, that would be great.


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