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Re: Ram

On Sat, 12 Jan 2002, rod brookes wrote:

> Debian Team
> 	I have recently upgraded the ram in my macintosh and to my horror Debian no
> longer works. When Woody appears will it work with more than 500MB of ram?
> 		Regards
> 			Rod Brookes

It's not a Debain problem - it's a kernel problem.  I used to run 2.2.20
with 600 MB working perfectly.  When I upgraded to 1G, the same 2.2.20
kernel would not even boot.  I had to remove the RAM, upgrade to a 2.4.x
kernel with High Memory support enabled, then re-install my RAM.  Only
after all this was I able to get the full 1G recognized.  This was on a
8500 Power Mac with a G3 upgrade ...


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