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Re: Ti PowerBook G4, sudden death??

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 10:41:38PM -0700, Percy Zahl <Percy Zahl wrote:
> My Powerbook G4 has crashed while nothing than a screensaver was running - I
> got a "X mon" exception message, sorry but I do not wrote it down.
> There may be was some NFS traffic, I noticed the not responding
> system, as I tried to unmount a NFS resource, I worked with before.
> I'm running Debian-Linux (Woody), Kernel 2.4.17 Ben
> The system was running well for several month before...
> I tried to restart with the three Buttons (Option+Ctrl+Power), as it always
> has helped in some worse situations -- but nothing happenes :-(
> The only way to shut down was the reset button, which I never used before.
> Then the bad surprise: Switching on, the hard drive spins up, but that was
> all:
> -no startup chime
> -the display stays dark
> -only the caps lock and num lock leds are working
> The Power-Command-Option-P-R or -O-F has no effect too.
> A CD boot does not work, because it does not load a CD while running
> or powered on with Power-C.
> Switching off is only possible using the reset button again or holding
> the Power Button for about 4sec.
> Any helping ideas, or how to find out if the mainboard/CPU is bad?
> (I've still the 1 year warranty until 3/2002)

Sounds pretty bad, like time to call Apple and enjoy their excellent
warranty service (or, at least, it used to be).

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