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[XFree86] Trouble w/ ADB Keyboard And Mouse


I'm new to this list so please forgive me if I do something out of

I've been using Debian Linux since around September and have had
little trouble using the console applications. The computer I'm using
is a Motorola StarMax 3000/160 - a macintosh clone that is a few years
old. It runs very well.

Over the past month or so I've made a few attempts to get X up and
running and today I had the most success although it is not in a
useable condition.

The mouse and the keyboard are both ADB keyboards.

Summary of Problems:

KEYBOARD: a) right 'function' keys (option, meta, control) do not work.
          b) 'a' key does not work.

MOUSE:    This works in that it moves the pointer on the screen, but
          it also sends a lot of data that the system understands as
          characters. Thus, when I move the mouse, the terminal begins
          to fill up with un-typed characters ("~~~~6~",  etc).

I have had the most success with the keyboard and mouse with the
following in my XF86Config File:

Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier	"Keyboard1"
    Driver	"Keyboard"
    Option	"Protocol"	"Standard"
    Option	"AutoRepeat"	"500 30"
    Option	"XkbModel"	"macintosh_old"
    Option	"XkbRules"	"macintosh"

Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier	"Mouse1"
    Driver	"mouse"
    Option	"Protocol"    "BusMouse"
    Option	"Device"      "/dev/adbmouse"

I also put:

append="video=atyfb:vmode:12,cmode:2 adb_buttons=103,111"

into /etc/quik.conf which tells the kernel the video card type and to
use F11 and F12 as ADB Mouse Buttons 2 and 3, respectivly.

Does anyone know how to remedy this problem or the next step I should
investiage to remedy it?

Thank you, Elizabeth

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