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Re: x, ppc and woody

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, Matt Brubeck wrote:

> I don't know the cause of this problem, but I can confirm that the same
> thing happened to two of my friends with i386 boxes.  It wrote out broken
> XF86Config-4 files that used the 'vga' driver and generic screen settings.
> This is apparently a bug in the 4.1.0-10 configuration scripts, and you
> should bring it up on debian-x along with any additional information so
> that it can be fixed.

This has been brought up on -x and -devel already.  Brandon's fixes in
-11 should be ok from what I can tell (I'll check tonight on my alpha and
i386, which already have the -11 installed).  Apparently, it was an
assumption/oversight on his part and he's done what he can to correct it
for the future.  Any further problems should probably be brought up on -x,


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