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Re: PPC Port pages: dynamic "supported model list" and poll

Hi James


> I wrote this, not to get sympathy for the poor webmasters, but to
> help you understand that the powerpc web pages are yours. They will only
> be useful if the people contributing to powerpc make them useful.
> If you do not work on they on them, they will continue to rot until
> they become so outdated that we (the webmasters) remove them.

Uuuh, worst case!

Thank you James for making things clear. I myself thought that there would
already exist a -powerpc maintainer but did not know how to reach him (he at
least did not reply to any of the mails on the list). Well, but if it's like
that, there seems to be a serious lack of which not so many people have been aware
of. At least not any newbie who joined debian after potato release...

> So, what does the powerpc web page maintainer need to do? First,
> talk to me so you can be given access to the CVS repository. Next,
> you check out the web pages for powerpc (webwml/english/ports/powerpc)
> and the template files (webwml/english/templates). Third, read the
> web pages on working on the debian web site,
> http://www.debian.org/devel/website . Finally, make the changes you want
> and commit them to cvs.

ok. Due to the not so large echo until now I think there should maybe a group of powerpc web admins
be built with one head admin who has access to the cvs,
to distribute work.

I would of course be part of it!

> I suggest you use this as an opportunity to create pages that will not
> only attract new users to install Debian powerpc, but to attract
> developers that will help to make Debian powerpc even better.

That would of course be best case! I hope some good ideas will come up. He
guys, speak up!!

>> Uhmm, I only have plain html experience..
> That is fine. All the additional 'stuff' uses tags so it looks like
> html. You don't need to know anything about it if you don't want to use
> it - just use vanilla html and all will work fine. I just tell people
> so they know that there is the ability to do more when/if they need to.
> All you need to know for now is that the end result after wml is run is
> legitimate html that look like all the other Debian web pages.

That should ease things for a lot of people who want to help debian but do not
have that much experience in c or c++ coding, but could do some web things.

> For the reasons mentioned above, I suggest finding a new maintainer for
> the powerpc pages.

You heard it!

So, does someone want to volunteer, or does somenone think there shouldn't be
that much update work, so the whole thing can be done by a single person?
(still thinking about the model list which triggered this thread..)

Kind regards,

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