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Re: Unable to boot Potato from Pismo HD

On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 02:21:46PM +0100, Mark Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> Subject says it all.
> Hardware: Powerbook G3 (Pismo) 400/320
> Software: Official Debian Potato CDs / MacOS X
> Have partitioned HD as per instructions:
> 800 KB Apple_Bootstrap partition at hda2
> 320 MB Linux swap partition on hda
> 2.0 GB LInux partition on hda
> (also have an Apple partition map at hda1, a MacOS X partition and Apple 
> Disk Driver partitions)
> When booting from the Potato CD, everything works fine right through the 
> set-up, including the "make Debian bootable from HD" step. I assume 
> therefore, that the necessary boot files are getting written to the 
> bootstrap partition but I have no idea how to check this. Anyway...
> Upon reboot I can only get OS X from the HDD. Have tried to boot using 
> yaboot via open firmware. No dice. I don't know the exact syntax for 
> booting via open firmware. Have tried:
> boot (x):(y),yaboot
> where (x) and (y) are taken from:
> hd
> hda
> hda2
> a2
> 2
> /dev/hda2

boot hd:2,yaboot is the right syntax.  But if there isn't a properly set-up
Apple_Bootstrap partition at partition 2, it won't work. And since potato's
Make Bootable step doesn't work for powerpc (as pointed out in the
installation manual, and even in the step itself ISTR) as Ethan said, then
you will need to understand the bootloader to make it work. Check


Keep in mind Debian is a work in progress. That's why the docs are
important, they point you to what might or might not work and different ways
to do things if something doesn't quite pan out. 

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