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Re: powerpc-utils: still in limbo

On November  8, 2001 09:31 pm, Tom Rini wrote:
> > I am running 2.2.19.  I tried 2.4.13 but it has trouble with the
> > IDE controller (It can't find the IRQ and I haven't had time to
> > play with it).
> Hmm, odd.. 2.4.13 from where?

Any.  I tried Debian kernel-source + kernel-patch as well as 
linuxppc_2_4 from the kernel page on penguinppc.org (obtained using 

BTW.  Regarding the hwclock issue it seems that pressing the 'Abort' 
button (IRQ8) unfreezes it.  IRQ8 is shared between the RTC and the 
abort switch.  However it does not seem to be reading the correct time. 
The RTC passes diagnostics and appears to run in PPCBug.  Odd.

Shawn D'Alimonte   sdalimon@home.com

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