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Re: Supported models


>> This would of course be a fine tool, though I am wondering why not to just
>> put an up-to-date model list up to
>> http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/inst/install.en.html in a first step.
>> This list looks extremly outdated to me (no to talk about the 'tested'
>> column).
> because that comes from boot-floppies, and boot-floppies are updated
> very rarly.
> thats from potato boot-floppies even, which are only given absolutly
> essential bug fixes for the exceedingly rare updates.

OK, I now see why they are outdated, but I would not consider this as an
excuse to not set up a page with proper, current, up-to-date information about
supported models, and which distro/boot-floppies would be best to start with
(just like sloopy suggested doing with some piece of software, which would also be

This to help newbies/potentials who are interested in Debian and are looking
for information about their model. I think it would be the wrong way to just
point them to the install-manual (which of course is great, and does also have
to have up-to-date model information), so model related
info about support or known problems could be pooled and linked directly from
the ports main page. Just like the way its done now, but distro independent.

This would ease the evaluation process of potentials a lot.


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