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Re: woody boot-floppies

On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 07:05:04PM -0800, ozymandias G desiderata wrote:
> I downloaded a prebuilt 2.4.12-benh0 kernel from
> http://www.ppckernel.org/benh-devel/ and added it to my tftp-bootable
> yaboot configuration. The kernel loaded and booted just fine, only
> hanging when it hit the place where it was supposed to load root.bin
> (it had apparently been compiled without initrd support, which is
> fine, because the initrd from boot-floppies doesn't match the kernel
> anyway).

I tried that kernel on my iMac with the 3.0.16 boot-floppies initrd. It does
boot up for me. I found if I configured the keyboard (either keymap), it
went to a really wacky keymap; but if I avoided that step it was usable. (In
that crazy keymap, just in case you arrive there, 2=r for reboot, and
F5=Return.) I didn't do too much, there are probably lots of
incompatibilities. I tried configuring DHCP, that failed. And it froze when

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