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Re: Supported models

"Slot-loading" alone is too ambiguous, since the next several generations
of iMacs will probably fit that description.  One can imagine a user
purchasing a new iMac, seeing "iMac (slot loading)" on a compatible list,
and thiking that his model will work when in fact it doesn't.  You and I
know that it is Apple jargon for a particular model, but most users won't.

If we want to be really explicit we could expand the iMac models as
follows.  This listing should make it easy for owners to pin down their
exact models.  On the other hand it is a bit overwhelming, and perhaps a
less-exhaustive compromise is better.

> iMac Bondi Blue, 5 Flavors, Slot Loading        powermac-NewWorld
> iMac Summer 2000, Early 2001                    powermac-NewWorld

iMac 233       "rev A/B" (bondi blue)
iMac 266/333   "rev C/D" (five flavors)

iMac 350       "Slot-Loading" (blueberry)
iMac DV 400    "Slot-Loading" (five flavors)
iMac DV SE 400 "Slot-Loading" (graphite)

iMac 350       "Summer 2000" (indigo)
iMac DV 400    "Summer 2000" (indigo/ruby)
iMac DV+ 450   "Summer 2000" (indigo/ruby/sage)
iMac DV SE 500 "Summer 2000" (graphite/snow)

iMac 400    "Early 2001" (indigo)
iMac 500    "Early 2001" (flower power/blue dalmation)
iMac SE 600 "Early 2001" (flower/dalmation/graphite)

iMac 500    "Summer 2001" (indigo)
iMac 600    "Summer 2001" (graphite)
iMac SE 700 "Summer 2001" (graphite/snow)

Similar details might be useful for the PowerBooks and iBooks.  Note that
at least including a list of processor speeds greatly reduces the chance
of unforseen ambiguity.

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