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Re: Supported models

On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 04:15:06PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> For a resource such as this, I suggest naming the models as they are on
> their nameplates, where this is possible (sometimes manufacturers call
> two very different products the exact same thing -- I don't know if
> Apple is guilty of this).  So I'd go ahead and list functionally

of course they are guilty of this, just look at thier current naming

PowerMac G3: could be anything from an oldworld beige, to a newworld blue
PowerMac G4: could be anything from a blueg3 with a g4 slapped in, to
             2 completly different varients of AGP models.
iBook:       could be anything from a toilet seat to a DVD/CD-RW
             capable, cheaper version of the PowerBook G4.
iMac:        could be half a dozen or more different models.

> Most newcomers are simply not going to know what we mean by these terms,
> so it's confusing to group the list that way.  Instead, we should help
> them to look up what their model is and give them a brief explanation
> that will help them to make decisions later in the install process.
> My two cents...

like `if your G3 has an ugly beige case you won't be able to make it
boot, but if it has a funky blue translucent case then....'  or `if
your iBook looks like a toilet seat then its fine, otherwise you may
need to replace the boot-floppies kernel.....'

Ethan Benson

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