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Re: Problems with 2.2rev3 on a iBook Dual USB

Meant to send this to the list, sorry, so here goes...

Begin forwarded message:

Thanks for the reply,

I know that boot-floppies on PPC don't mean floppies, but I am kinda new to Linux on ppc. In x86 I would just install bare woody and immediately 'apt-get dist-upgrade' to woody. How do I get a cdimage for woody. Do I need to use the pseudo image kit? Is there any problem with doing it from an x86 machine?

Thanks and pardon my inexperience here,

On Thursday, November 1, 2001, at 04:06 AM, Ethan Benson wrote:

potato is way to old for that hardware.  i suggest using woody

and don't you even think about replying with pedantic rubbish about
ibooks not having floppy drives.

On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 02:09:22AM -0500, Bill Vinson wrote:
Well, I downloaded the iso and verified the md5sum.  Used xcdroast to
burn the iso to cd. It will mount under Linux and Windows, but not Mac
OS X.  If I hold down the 'c' during boot it continues to boot off the
hd.  If I go into OpenFirmware and use 'boot cd:\\yaboot' and other
strings it says 'bad nodePtr' (I believe) and that it can't load the

Any idea what I am doing wrong?  I haven't installed Linux on this
machine before. I have over a GB waiting for it and use Debian on sever
x86 servers, but I am not sure what happened here :)


   Bill Vinson

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Ethan Benson

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