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Re: pppdifficulties

Rogério Brito wrote:

>         Use the "route -n" command to see if you have a route with
>         destination of and with the gateway/router set to your
>         PPP peer.
>         If yes, then you're already done with the default route. If
>         not, then you have to tell pppd to add a default route
>         (possibly, substitute one that you already have) with a route
>         like described above.
> route -n gives me the following (abridged):

gateway                                    useiface
204.xxxxx(this is my IP)                                       0ppp0
192.xxxxx*                                        0eth0
192.xxxxx*                                0eth0

*the 192.xxxxx number is a mystery to me, I don't know what it is or
where it came from.  The useiface column though, suggests to me that the
default route is going to eth0 when it shouldn't, and my question is, how
do I change that?  Any answer to that question would be of the utmost help.

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