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Re: Advice on a iBook ...

> 	For instance, some time ago I asked what x86 (mobile)
> 	processor the iBook2's could be compared to and I received all
> 	answers from a Celeron 300 to a Pentium III 800. :-/ What is
> 	a realistic figure?

Irrelevant. Any figure someone could come up with is pretty irrelevant.

What kind of application are you interested in? Compare execution times
for that particular application. That's the only realistic figure.

I've seen anything from a bit worse than the clock speed ratio (blame that
on compiler optimization differences) to quite a bit better than the clock
ratio (where cache size got limiting on the mobile x86). That was with a
rather integer heavy app (but by no means exclusively integer math).

> 	I also understand that GCC may not be as mature for PowerPC as
> 	it is for x86, but is the difference considerable?



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