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Re: kernel-image-2.4.8-powerpc

On  14 Oct, this message from Daniel Jacobowitz echoed through cyberspace:
>> Hardware: Motorola StarMax 3000/160 (pmac 4400 clone, 160 MHz 603e), 
>> built-in Mach64 VT 1MB, PCI MacPicasso 540 (Cirrus Logic GD5480 chipset, 
>> 4 MB).
>>    * Using BootX, it always boots with the console on the Mach64,
>>      unless I check the "No video driver" box.  (Didn't have a VGA
>>      monitor to see what was wrong until this morning, the MacPicasso
>>      has that funny Apple monitor port.)  This behavior is different
>>      from 2.2.19, but I'm not sure whether it should be considered a
>>      problem...
> Probably not a real problem; you can force the load order on the
> command line, though I don't remember how.

You specify your required load order via command line options thus:

 video=controlfb:vram:3 video=matrox:off 

The options I gave above are of no particular importance, except maybe
to show how _not_ to load a framebuffer driver. The above gives me
controlfb on /dev/fb0, and matrox switched off. Omitting ':off' gives me
matroxfb on /dev/fb1.

For the exact name string for your framebuffer drivers, you probably
have to look at the source code. I know of no place where they are all
listed (as the complete framebuffer stuff is rather poorly documented).



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