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Re: Install: force Lombard to use yaboot, not quik

Hi Ethan

Thanks for all your time so far. 

For anyone else who is coming in on this thread, I'm trying to install
Debian on a Lombard. The potato installers set quik as the boot system.
I need yaboot, which should work in woody. Using the woody installers, I
get to the base-install stage of the install and then get stuck as the
system tries to find a 'Release' or 'basedebs.tgz' file over http. I'm
really stuck.

On 11/10/01, erbenson@alaska.net (Ethan Benson) wrote:

> get woody boot-floppies:
> ftp.kernel.org/debian/dists/woody/main/disks-powerpc/current/powermac

I downloaded these and the install went fine, again, until I hit the
base install stage.

> > Where is woody base?
> there is no woody base tarball.  base tarballs are obsolete.

Still, woody tries to find a 'Release' or 'basedebs.tgz' file over http.
In my case the installer reported, after several attempts over a half
meg connection, that the Release file was 'malformed'. I also downloaded
the Release file at 
onto an nfs share, but that didn't work either, exiting with the
'malformed' message.

Ow! My potato CDs don't work and the potato imac.sit file installer
doesn't work (because they both revert to quik). 

I'd be grateful for help!

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