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Re: Can't find video card

Thanks for your message.  This is most useful.  I don't know if you
will have seen my response to Matt Brubeck on this subject, but in  it
I said I was coming to this conclusion about the version also, but that
my next question is, can I upgrade just XFree86, or even just the driver,
rather than the whole system?  Any advice here would be most appreciated.
Thanks again for you reply.

>Le Vendredi 12 Octobre 2001 02:38, mmissett a écrit :
>> /dev/MAKEDEV doesn't do anything.  However, to update info in original
>> message, xviddetect IS detecting the video card, just saying
>> it doesn't have a driver for it and suggesting I send a
>> *wishlist* bug.  Is there really no driver for this card, which
>> came installed in the G4, and if so, should I submit a bug report?
>I don't remember exactly, but I think that ati video cards are ot supported
>until XFree v4.03 (or 2), so If you want to have your video card running, you
>have two solutions :
>- - Stay with Potato, in that case, you must use the frame buffer driver
>(driver called : fbdev)
>- -Upgrade to woody (or sid) and then you wil have XFree 4.1 and drivers for
>the ati rage 128 card (driver called : ati)


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