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Re: Can't find video card

Thanks for your reply.  My original post said a new installation on
a G4 of potato.  The video card is a Rage 128 Pro. The version of X is 3.3.6.  I was coming to the same
conclusion about a later version having the necessary driver.  I guess
my next question is, do I need to upgrade the whole system (which would
be a bit tricky given the way it's set up), or can I just upgrade Xwindows or even just the driver?  I'm a bit new here and any guidance
is most appreciated.

 xviddetect IS detecting the video card, just saying it
>> doesn't have a driver for it and suggesting I send a *wishlist* bug.
>> Is there really no driver for this card, which came installed in the
>> G4, and if so, should I submit a bug report?
>Sorry, I lost your original post, but what version of X are you running?
>XFree86 4.1 is in testing (woody) and unstable (sid), and it includes
>drivers for many cards not supported by potato's 3.3.6 servers.


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