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Re: request for help to make powerpc custom boot disks

On 11-Oct-2001 Michael Schmitz wrote:
>> But there is no MacOs in this Mac anymore, and as far as I remember the
>> floppy
>> is not ejected (and that would not have been a big problem anyway).
> I must have missed that bit of information in your earlier posts. Your
> posts did sound like you could not make the disk bootable for some
> non-technical reason, and would need to boot Linux when MacOS isn't
> running. 
>> > If _I_ may hazard a guess: it's probably been considered too hard and not
>> > useful enough to try by others. You need the feature, you're in the best
>> > position to implement it.
>> I don't thinks I need to do anything complicated or unusual. I just want to
>> make the same boot disk than what Debian ships (the famous
>> /woody/main/disks-powerpc/3.0.13-2001-08-25/powermac/images-1.44/boot-floppy-
>> hfs
> That's woody... another piece of information I must have overlooked. 
>> .img bootdisk) but with a custom kernel.
>> So do you know what steps were used to make this boot floppy?
> Simple - get the boot-floppies CVS source, install whatever the relevant
> documentation says you should have (lotsa packages, plus a partial archive
> mirror), run make. Poof, magic happens, and out falls the floppy image
> (among all the other stuff in disks-powerpc/current/). 
> If you want another kernel on the floppy, build a kernel package and stick
> that into the archive mirror. 
> That's the theory. Others actually doing this kind of work might be able
> to point out some gotchas. You can perhaps figure out how to build just
> the floppy image by looking at the makefile but I'd first try to build the
> default image, then build a customized version. 
> I'm not telling you anything new here - others have suggested you try the
> boot-floppies source. Just do it. 
>       Michael

aaah thanks, at least some really usefull starting point (not the easy way
though). I have had great difficulties to make myself be understood about this
problem... (and I have launched this thread a looong time ago). 

I thanks you all for your time and your help.

I will try that... I think your will hear about me again soon :)


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