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Re: request for help to make powerpc custom boot disks

> But there is no MacOs in this Mac anymore, and as far as I remember the floppy
> is not ejected (and that would not have been a big problem anyway).

I must have missed that bit of information in your earlier posts. Your
posts did sound like you could not make the disk bootable for some
non-technical reason, and would need to boot Linux when MacOS isn't

> > If _I_ may hazard a guess: it's probably been considered too hard and not
> > useful enough to try by others. You need the feature, you're in the best
> > position to implement it.
> I don't thinks I need to do anything complicated or unusual. I just want to
> make the same boot disk than what Debian ships (the famous
> /woody/main/disks-powerpc/3.0.13-2001-08-25/powermac/images-1.44/boot-floppy-hfs

That's woody... another piece of information I must have overlooked. 

> .img bootdisk) but with a custom kernel.
> So do you know what steps were used to make this boot floppy?

Simple - get the boot-floppies CVS source, install whatever the relevant
documentation says you should have (lotsa packages, plus a partial archive
mirror), run make. Poof, magic happens, and out falls the floppy image
(among all the other stuff in disks-powerpc/current/). 
If you want another kernel on the floppy, build a kernel package and stick
that into the archive mirror. 

That's the theory. Others actually doing this kind of work might be able
to point out some gotchas. You can perhaps figure out how to build just
the floppy image by looking at the makefile but I'd first try to build the
default image, then build a customized version. 

I'm not telling you anything new here - others have suggested you try the
boot-floppies source. Just do it. 


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