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Re: fn key on lombard (and up) powerbooks...

> I modified the attached version because I think the web archiving
> system turned bit shifts << and >> into < and >. (odd!), also I added
> a define for my PMU version (the lombard).
> It seems to work fine on my powerbook, which is great.

We'll have to test it on other PMU versions as well, though.

> So, my real question is this...how should this be integrated with
> pmud-utils/pmud. (I think it should somehow be put in Debian)

We can do it the same way as the trackpad state save/restore. I'd need a
bit more information on how to detect the proper keyboard version this
tool can be used on (I assume there's ADB connectors on the older
powerbook models?) so we save the right one :-)


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