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Re: Of Mice and Modems

> The modem should be /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS1 like others.  It tripped
> me up for a bit that you have to use macserial.o instead of serial.o

Yup, I was quite baffled to find macserial actually builds as a module now

> to drive it.  Incidentally, I can't make it work with efax yet.
> Anybody have any tips?  (This is a tibook g4 box)

Well, fax send craps out with a segfault, and efax won't dial unless I
beat it into submission with -iX3 (I'm behind a PBS with no dialtones).
Other than that, it seems to talk to the modem OK. It just doesn's send
successfully (only a few scan lines get sent before the remote machine

Which one of these problems to you have? Or maybe a new one?


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