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Re: Boot INSTALLED system from CD?

Thanks for the message, I really appreciate it   Your answer raises a further
question, if you don't mind:  Can I get a different version of yaboot that
will work? Ideally via download and burning it to a CD that will boot, but
if that can't be made to work then in some other fashion.  I would be most
grateful for any suggestions.

Ethan Benson wrote:

> can't be done with potato's yaboot, its manual image loading is broken.
> On Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 04:26:28PM -0400, mmissett wrote:

>> I am trying (on a G4) to get the INSTALLED system to boot from a CD, wit=
hout much luck.  First, could anybody out there tell me if what I=92m tryin=
g to do is possible and second,
>> how do I do it/what am I doing wrong?  I can get yaboot up from the dist=
ribution CD, stop it at the boot prompt (so it doesn=92t run the installer,=
 the system being already installed), but nothing seems to  work from there=
, all I get is a message about bad (or wrong, I forget) partition, try agai=
n...  (In fact it gives me that partition message even BEFORE the boot prom=
pt.)  The system is installed on an external SCSI drive with no BIOS on the=
 card, so I can=92t boot from that drive and would like to boot from CD if =
I can.  In fact, I would like to  create a boot/rescue CD if I could so I d=
on=92t have to use the install CD forever, but I haven=92t gotten any attem=
pt at that to work yet either.  Any advice about any or all of this would b=
e most appreciated.
>> Mike Missett

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