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Re: Messed up PowerMac 7200/90

Chris Tillman wrote:


I inheritted a PowerMac today - no OS and set about installing Debian on it.
Booted from floppies and installed from NFS.

I sounds like it might be crashing in Open Firmware. To see on the 7200, you
would need to hook up to another computer's serial port through the Mac's
modem port and watch in a terminal program while the mac boots.

Thanks all, I eventually found a working serial cable and then managed to boot from the testing boot floppy.

I decided to install testing but a lot of packages had errors in them so I decided to revert to stable.

So, I reset the boot-device (floppy) and rebooted.  Erm wrong boot device...

And now I can't get into OpenFirmware with Ctrl+Option+P+R or Ctrl+Option+O+F
All I see over the serial connection is "can't OPEN: blah"
Tried with two different keyboards with no result.
Is there any other way to reset the firmware battery backup etc..?


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