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Re: Trouble getting airport to talk to UFO base station

On   5 Oct, this message from Colin Walters echoed through cyberspace:
> Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org> writes:
>> Well, the proprietary OS has the nice side effect of beeing able to
>> update both your card and the base station to their latest firmware
>> ;)
> Do you know if there are any fixes in this firmware that are necessary
> for a TiBook?  I don't have MacOS, so I was looking into getting the
> Cisco base station, but unfortunately it costs a lot more than the
> Apple base station.  If the Apple one is usable without MacOS, then it
> would be a viable option...

AFAIK, the base station can very well be used without any MacOS. The
java configurator works very well, and it also has provisions for
downloading firmware to the base (never tried that myself). You need to
extract it from Apple's released files, though.

As for the Airport cards, I know of no other way to upgrade their
firmware then under MacOS.



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