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cups and libssl0.9.6 dependency problem in woody

Hi all!

I have (It seems to be - probably) a problem with cups in woody.

I tried to do an upgrade of cups from the potato version (works
without any problems) to woody's cups.

I run all the time in the same message:

libcupsys2 depends on libssl0.9.6

I'm not able to find libssl0.9.6 (even in sid, where libssl09,
belonging to SSH, with a version-number 9.4-something is available)

apt-cache search libssl0.9.6 gives no result in woody nor sid.

So could anybody tell me please what libssl0.9.6 might be and where(/how) to
get it.




Georg Koss

mailto: g.koss@eunet.at

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