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Messed up PowerMac 7200/90


I inheritted a PowerMac today - no OS and set about installing Debian on it.
Booted from floppies and installed from NFS.

When the question "Make Linux Bootable Directly From Hard Disk'' came up
see sec7.17 http://www.debian.org/releases/2.2/powerpc/ch-init-config.en.html

I followed the instructions.
   ``Execute a Shell'' and run:
            nvsetenv `ofpath /dev/sda2`

replacing sda2 with sda5 (main linux root partition)

After hunting the mailing list I beleived I should type nvsetenv boot-device `ofpath /dev/sda5`
So I did. I then followed the instructions to reboot.

Now on restart the monitor goes into sleep/suspend mode.

ctrl+apple+reset reboots the machine but I can't get any furher.

I have tried ctrl+apple+p+r but that does nothing - (during power on/reboot...)

I'm lost as to how to solve this - I'm new to macs but am fairly familiar with the prom from Sun machines.

Could someone give me some pointers?

I'm not on the list so please CC any responses to me.


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