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Re: yaboot-1.3.3, patch to seperate dhcp and tftp servers]

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 01:47:34PM -0700, pjordan@whitehorse.blackwire.com wrote:

> Anyway, with the patch below my linux box can run just a plain
> old tftp server, and the other G4's
> can now boot from them, grabbing the yaboot, yaboot.conf
> kernel image and even a ramdisk image succefully,
> after giving the following command line on the OF prompt:
> boot enet:xx.xx.xx.xx,yaboot.debug

setenv boot-device enet:xx.xx.xx.xx,yaboot 

should also work so you don't have to boot them manually.

> With the 2.4.10 kernel I used which had the option to copy the OF
> device tree turned on, the kernel hangs after making a call
> to prom_printf something like "Copying device tree..."
> but if I use the yaboot.debug it all works fine, so .. 
> I guess I don't mind so much.
> Weird though.

that is rather strange...  the only difference between a debug yaboot
and a normal one is lots of printf spam.

> Anyway, I hope you can incorporate this patch or take it into
> consideration.

ill apply it to my devel tree, it will be in 1.3.4 whenever that
happens (probably be a bit yet, im doing some major work on the
filesystem layer).

Ethan Benson

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