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Re: Success installing woody with a 9500/180MP and problems with X


> 	And this brings me to another question: since this machine has
> 	PCI slots, is it able to use any PCI card that I would use on
> 	a regular PC? What requisites should a PCI card fulfill to be
> 	usable with this machine?

normal (PC x86) PCI gfx cards use to have some bios implanted
that (may) cause trouble when using it on a mac. however, some 
card manufacturers have made special graphics cards for the macs,
ie. matrox or ati.
thus, if you're into buying a pci card, check if there's a mac
version available, this may save you some trouble.

as for other pci cards (network, ide controller, etc): some work,
some don't; the "supported hardware" list on linuxppc.org 
is quite useful)

however, it should be possible to get your system with its current
config running - let's see what the others say :)

Philipp Kaeser

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