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Re: XFree86 update question

> > People silly enough to upgrade the kernel on an old distribution will get
> > hurt.
> idiots who touch a hot stove will get burned.  whats your point?

That idiots are among Debian users nonetheless. It'll happen (in that
particular case we've seen it happen). Branding these people as idiots
isn't going to make them shut up or switch to another distro.

> > I'm not sure - with stuff like MOL packages depending on particular Debian
> > kernel packages (and refusing to start with another; not sure if that's
> > still the case though) there are reasons to at least try the Debian kernels.
> bullshit, thats what the mol-modules-src or whatever its called
> package is for.

That's what didn't work for me when I tried. Anyway, I've neither had
space nor time to play with MOL on Debian for a while, that's why I said
it may be fixed now.

Anyway, let's drop this topic now. There's not much new coming up :-)


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