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Re: XFree86 update question

> > > Where exactly do we break backwards compatibility? A knowledgeable user
> > > can still use ADB keycodes if he absolutely wants to for a reason I can't
> > > imagine.
> >
> > By building kernel packages that have no old style ADB keyboard support
> > anymore?
> I still fail to see what that has to do with backwards compatibility. Nobody

People silly enough to upgrade the kernel on an old distribution will get

> is forced to use the Debian kernel; my impression is that most people build
> their own kernels anyway.

I'm not sure - with stuff like MOL packages depending on particular Debian
kernel packages (and refusing to start with another; not sure if that's
still the case though) there are reasons to at least try the Debian kernels.

Most of the people actively working on the powerpc port build their own
kernels, I grant you that. Most users, I doubt.

> What we are trying to achieve is to make an inevitable transition (ADB
> keycodes will go away completely in 2.5 AFAIK) as smooth as possible for the
> average user. The way we are doing it right now may not be perfect, and we
> appreciate any help to improve it further.

I understand that. I'm still using ADB keycodes so I don't have anything
better to offer.
Ethan dismissed the temporary mount of /proc to see what kind of keymaps is required as
hack - in this case I'd rather live with that hack for the transitory
period than compile an ADB keycodes to Linux keymap translation table for
those that get stuck with the wrong keymap at fsck time.


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