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hi all!
I followed the docs of m. danzer ( see  
) and got hw acceleration in my pismo. glxgears runs at 300 fps! there is 
only a problem... the screen flickers like a tornado. i tried to modify the 
options in XF86Config-4 for screen, r128, and the h &v frequency ( useless 
since the monitor is lcd ) , but nothing to do. a strange thing is that 
xfree86 doesn't find agpgart and the video bios ( i attached the log and my 
configs, sorry for the extra bytes ). the agpgart and r128 are installed, i 
compiled them in the kernel and then as modules, but, again, nothing to do.
i have already searched in google and in the debian archive, and i found 
nothing of usefull :-(. more hints? or the XF86Config and .config of a well 
configured pismo powerbook :)?
i'm using the 2.4.10-pre6-ben0 kernel, and i dist-upgrade'd yesterday ( 
pointing to woody ), so the xfree is 4.1.0-5
thx! and sorry for the english :)
Next Friday will not be your lucky day.  As a matter of fact, you don't
have a lucky day this year.

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