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Re: How to compile a kernel


> > Presumably I need to move the compiled kernel to the "Linux Kernels"
> > folder on the Mac partition of the hard disc so that BootX can use it.
> > But what is the new kernel file called?
> It is in the top level of the kernel source directory, and it is called
> vmlinux.  Just copy it to your kernels folder and tell BootX to load it.
oh, and make sure you don't overwrite the old (default) kernel;
in case the new kernel does not want to boot, it might be 
quite useful to have the old one lying around :)

(in simplespeak: you can name the kernels in the "Linux Kernels" folder
whatever you want, ie. "newkernel" or something. BootX will find it and
be happy).

Philipp Kaeser / furball@space.ch

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