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How to compile a kernel


The story so far:
I have a PowerMac 7200 that I want to use as a
router to share our cable modem. I've got a 3Con
PCI ethernet card which should be a 3c59x.

The card is not recognised.

As far as I can tell, I need to re-compile my
kernel and enable the 3c59x driver.

I installed kernel-source-2.2.18pre21 from my
Debian CDs, then
# make config

selected my modules

# make dep

# make vmlinux

went to the supermarket :)

# make modules

# make modules_install

great, it seems to have worked! Now what?

In simple terms please! I only installed Linux
last Sunday and I've been trying to get this
****** card to work ever since.

Presumably I need to move the compiled kernel to
the "Linux Kernels" folder on the Mac partition
of the hard disc so that BootX can use it. But
what is the new kernel file called?

Do I need to do anything so that the ethernet
card will be probed for, i.e. so that probing
doesn't just stop after eth0 (build in ethernet)
has been found?

What if my card still isn't recognised?


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