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Bug#111532: octave2.1: cannot download package using apt-get on ppc

Hi Akmal,

  "Akmal" == Akmal Abdul Rahman <akmal@cornell.edu> writes:
  Akmal> Package: octave2.1 
  Akmal> Version: N/A 
  Akmal> Severity: normal
  Akmal> apt-get complains that there is no installation candidate. This

I know -- we need to get this compiled, but I need help from the
debian-powerpc crew for that.

You could also help. Are you comfortable compiling a local .deb package?  I'd
be happy to walk you through. Your success or failure would help me in
pressuring the Debian porting crew :)

  Akmal> package is quite important because octave2.0 is also broken on ppc.

Err, how come?  I see that, the most recent version, exists for
powerpc in the archive. Could you detail how it breaks?


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