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Hello all,

    i was wondering, has anyone tried netbooting Debian on PPC? I own
a Beige G3, the one that has a lot of problems with OpenFirmware (it´s
OF 2.01f) and because of that I can only boot Linux via BootX, which
annoys me very much because I have to keep MacOS and all this 5
partitions on the internal IDE HD. I was unable to boot quik from
OpenFirmware until I used Apple´s System Disk
(http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/macppc/SystemDisk-tutorial/) but now I
can get into quik but not make quik load vmlinux (it says I must type
the path to the image...?).
    I found out that typing "boot enet" at the OpenFirmware actually
tried to get an IP address using the builtin ethernet (BMAC I think)
via BOOTP.
    Is there any chance of getting it to run via netboot?

Ricardo Pardini

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