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Re: Quik on oldworld clone

At 11:30 PM -0700 9/5/01, Chris Tillman wrote:
 > At 12:48 AM -0800 9/5/01, Ethan Benson wrote:
On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 10:25:47PM -0500, Kevin van Haaren wrote:
 Now for the next bit.  Does anyone know the magic setting to get quik
 to boot on a SuperMac C500?

According to


the C500 = APUS 2000, and according to



Umax C500, C600, Apus 2000, and Apus 3000
May need to disconnect the internal cdrom drive to boot from any SCSI device
Matthew Reilly reports that System Disk does help allow his C500 to boot
from a SCSI drive, even though it claims it doesn't support this model (see

I've already got the internal cdrom disconnected. In fact, the drive is the only scsi device on the system.

hmmm. i do have an ide drive hooked up too. I'll try disconnecting that. although I really want that drive in the system.


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