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Re: [iBook FW] Lost X with move from -3 to -4

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Charles Sebold wrote:

> If one uses UseFBDev, does that mean one can't use DRI?

That would be a resounding "No". I have used 16bpp, with UseFBDev, on this
FireWire iBook, and DRI works fine. (Well, as fine as it does. The r128
driver still has lingering issues, but that's nothing to do with UseFBDev
or PPC issues.)

> I ask because I too have had problems doing anything but UseFBDev, and I
> haven't figured out the magic to get DRI working either (after following
> the directions at dri.sourceforge.net etc. a couple of times).

Use 16bpp. 24bpp probably will create a black window and lock solid,
right? The r128 driver doesn't seem to like doing hardware GL in 24bpp,
but why, I don't know...

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