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Re: compiling 3c59x driver on PPC

Hej Richard,

> I got a PowerMac 7200 cheap on eBay, and a 3Com
> ethernet card. The idea is to set up a router to
> share our cable modem.
quite the same thing that my PM 7300 is doing at 
home, also with a 3com card.

the problem you have is that you're using a kernel
that (probably) came delivered with debian; and now
a module from (probably) another source that does
not seem to have the same number.

I simply evaded that problem by getting an entire
kernel source and building the animal from scratch,
including modules and all. so, you'd have to...

1. get kernel source: look through the list archives
   on how to rsync with benh's latest 2.4.x kernel
   (search google on "rsync benh" yields perfect results :) )

2. configure the kernel using 'make menuconfig' and
   choose 'M' for the 3c59x options (and preferrably
   disable anything like USB and stuff that you don't

3. built the kernel, modules and install using:
   make dep
   make vmlinux   (... or make vmlinuz ?)
   make modules
   make modules_install

4. make sure you can boot using the kernel (either
   edit /etc/quik.conf accordingly and don't forget to
   run quik / OR : copy it to the BootX folder, if you're
   using that)

5. modprobe /lib/modules/blabla/where-is-it/3c59x.o

and pray. oh, btw: the proper debianized kernel-build
process works somewhat differently (you need some
kernel-dontknowit package), but frankly I never
really got it. too lazy, my fault :)

good luck, bye
Philipp Kaeser / furball@space.ch

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