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Re: Woody Boot Disks (was downgrade sid to woody?)

Kevin van Haaren wrote:
> At 8:08 AM -0500 9/3/01, Kevin van Haaren wrote:
> >I messed up my machine a couple of times running unstable (huh,
> >wonder why they call it that 8-) anyway I want to downgrade to just
> >woody.  I dug through the apt-get and dselect man pages and didn't
> >see a way to do this.  Is it enough to remove the unstable
> >references in sources.list and run upgrade?  or will that leave some
> >of the unstable packages in place?
> Thanks for all the replies, I apologize for posting a topic that was
> more appropriate to the -user list.  I've decided to go ahead and
> just reformat and start from scratch.  This will let me move away
> from BootX to quik too, and let me get rid of a lot of crud I've
> accumlated over the last year.

I've had better luck with bootx, but I don't have any experience
with your machine (it's a matter of totally lame OF, not a quik
problem) you you might have better results.  I would try to get the
quik method of booting to work reliably and repeatably before wiping
all possibility of bootx away.

> Now for the new (PowerPC related) problem:
> This is a SuperMac C500, Mac clone.  I've added 64MB of memory (96
> total), an AdvanSys (ConnectCom) SCSI card, and a IDE hard drive to
> the integrated IDE controller on the motherboard (this all worked
> under a custom compiled 2.2.19 kernel, I needed to add ConnectCom's
> lastest driver to get the SCSI card to work).
> When I boot from the Woody boot disks, the HFS disk works fine, I put
> the root disk in, hit enter (which works fine -- yeah!), and after a
> while and a bunch of messages I get:
> set_blocksize: b_count 1, dev fd(2,0), block 1 from c0067b74
> Error: Kernel Panic unable to mount root fs on 02:00
> I thought it might be a bad floppy and tried putting the root.bin
> image on a different disk.  Same error (possible 2 bad floppies?
> They aren't brand new)
> Could a conflict with the SCSI card cause this?  Any other ideas?

Uh, that sounds like an x86 thing to say ~:^)  Sounds more like
bad/flaky hardware/media.  I've had this problem before.  I was just
persistent trying different floppies, or just formatting and
creating the root floppy over and over until it seemed to sink in or
something and suddenly started working.


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