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adaptec 2906 scsi card

I wrote to the list on August 18 reporting problems getting debian to
boot/install on a G4 mac (Subject:boot problems on g4). I should have
mentioned that I had installed an Adaptec 2906 SCSI card in the machine. 

As I reported, booting got stuck with the kernel from Woody after the md
driver message from the kernel.

With the kernel from the Potato dist, I got no further than "Booting..."

I tried some 2.4 kernels and got into the Woody installer that was
current at the time, but couldn't get past the Install Kernel and
Modules stage: the installer reported "Bad address Bad file descriptor".
(The log said that "set_loop couldn't create a loop device" for my
installation medium).

Anyway, I ended up yanking out the card and then had no trouble
installing potato r.3 from a downloaded sourceforge debian-imac archive.
The Adaptec 2906 is a cheaper card without a BIOS.

Can someone suggest a compatible card?

--Bill Carini

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