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Re: mac-fdisk trouble on G4 double disk

On Mon, Aug 20, 2001 at 06:37:52PM +0200, Georg Koss wrote:
> Hello all!
> I'm intending to install Debian 2.2.r3 on my second HD. 
> Short description of my system:
> G4 - two HD - primary boots _ultra1_ (Debian/Woody).
> Changed original CD-ROM/DVD to CD-RW Plextor.
> What I did on ultra0 until now:
> mac-fdisk which gave me the following partition-table:
> dev/hda1   Apple_Partition_Map Apple     (31.5k)   63@1       System
> dev/hda2   Apple_Bootstrap     bootstrap (800k)  1600@64      unknown
> dev/hda3   Apple_Unix_SVR2     GNU/Linux (9.3)  19529728@1664 Linux native
> dev/hda4   Apple_Free          Extra     (479.0k) don't rememberFree Space
> mac-fdisk wasn't able to recognize my hda-size correct (gave round
> 511GB fo a 10G Drive).

install the mac-fdisk from proposed-updates, or else the one in
woody.  those versions fix that stupid bug.  

or follow mac-fdisk-basics which explains how to work around that bug correctly.

> When I run the install menu on official-binary-1, I will be asked to
> initialize /dev/hda1 as swap, dev/hda2 as root and dev/hda3 as what
> ever.

er, that should not have occured, dbootstrap should consider
/dev/hda1, and /dev/hda2 as off limits.

try woody boot-floppies, they have the fixed mac-fdisk and are just a
zillion times better then the potato version.

Ethan Benson

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