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Re: Why does netbooting work from OF but not 'N' key?

On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 05:28:45PM -0400, Eric C. Cooper wrote:
> I can netboot my G4 cube successfully from Open Firmware using
> 	boot enet:,yaboot
> Using ethereal, I see that the G4 gets the DHCPACK and proceeds to
> download yaboot from my TFTP server.
> But when I boot holding down the 'N' key, it does something different. 
> After getting the exact same DHCPACK, it continues to broadcast
> DHCPINFORM packets (which the stock dhcpd ignores).  It never contacts
> the TFTP server.
> Does anyone know what additional config information it's trying to get?
> I hacked up dhcpd so that it also ACKed the DHCPINFORMs, but it didn't
> seem to make any difference.  Has anyone else figured out how to make
> 'N'-booting work on a recent-vintage machine?

Brad sent me a patch to the netboot minihowto for dhcp setups which
teh newwer macs seem to require, have you looked at that?

ive never netbooted anything but this blue g3 with bootp so i don't
know for sure.  in my bootp configuration the server is configured to
send yaboot as the bootfile so the client need not know what to ask
for, i presume dhcp has a similar method.

Ethan Benson

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