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UniNorth AGPGART status (was: benh kernel - compile time error)

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> I confirm, it's very far from working, it was more an experient to
> see if I could get the CPU to "see" the AGP aperture, which doesn't
> seem to be the case. AGP on UniNorth is not completely a dead cause,
> but it will be quite tricky to implement (much changes to the DRM).

So how far are you on getting AGP GART support for the UniNorth into your
tree? I'd consider helping, but I have _no_ idea about AGP GART
programming at all. Obviously at this point, it's pretty preliminary
(black screen and lockup on an iBook FireWire with UniNorth and Mobility
M3), but I would definitely like to see how it progresses, at least. PCI
GART is kinda slow. :)

Is the UniNorth GART support being based on the stuff from Darwin? (I
would assume so, since I'm guessing Apple can be kinda tight-fisted when
it comes to providing docs for some of their more proprietary stuff...)

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